The Mushers


I began to get really involved to the dog world at 2000 as I started an agility class with our current family dog Lempi. A year later I finally managed to get a dog of my own and ever since then there has been no turning back!

Somehow the huskies have always fascinated me and after the first husky, Köpi, moved in 2007, the inevitable happened... What is that, you might wonder? Well, with the huskies you just simply can't have only one! Köpi was accompanied by Nada and several others as I started to build my own team of sled dogs. Currently I have a pack of 10 huskies, a Croatian Shepherd and two cats.

In my spare time I either run the huskies or do agility and obedience with the little shepherd. I'm working as a professional dog masseur and reflexologist, so pretty much everything I do is somehow related to dogs.


I have been dreaming about my very own Siberian Husky since I for the first time saw a picture of a husky... I must have been about six or seven years old at the time. It took many years, lots of determination and big dreams, but today I can proudly look out to the kennel and see a beautiful pack of 19 huskies and an Australian kelpie. These dogs, they are besides my life and passion, also my best friends.

The first husky, Viti, moved in 2003. She has taught me enormously about the breed and sled dogs in general. From the start I knew Viti wouldn't be the last one - and my studies in Kennel Academy in Keski-Pohjanmaan maaseutuopisto only threw me deeper and deeper in to the world of dogs. As one part of my studies I spent winter 2005-2006 in Manitou Crossing Kennels, in Minnesota, USA. Jennifer and Blake Freking are very inspiring and devoted mushers and their excellent dog care and deep understanding about sled dogs have set the standards rather high in also my own kennel. From that trip I also brought back the foundation of the dogs I have today; Aksu, Siren, Shiloh, Noki and later on also Kenna from Norway joined us.

Besides huskies, I have also several years of experience in obedience and agility training, beginning as early as 1999. For the past few years my main focus has been with the huskies (and the two-legged family - our daughter Unna was born 2010 and our son Oula 2011), but I'm hoping to get back to these hobbies in summers to come.

With this kind of lifestyle, a pack of huskies and two little ones, life never gets boring.