Hidden Trail Kennel

We are proud to share our life with these very unique athletes. Their enthusiasm for running and personal characters make every day special. We keep saying they are the best colleagues one could wish for - always happy and always ready to work!

There are both Alaskan and Siberian Huskies in our kennel. For us, it is important that besides having a great attitude for working in harness, the dog is also easy to handle and has an Arctic outlook. All of our purebreed Siberian huskies are FCI registered including 5 litters bred by Mari (Hidden Trail F-, I- , N- , A- and K-puppies). We breed puppies to keep them in our own kennel - only in rare occasions a puppy would be sold to a carefully selected home. These dogs are definately not "couch potatoes" - they are bred for running and need a lot of physical exercise and the pack around them to feel balanced and happy.

High quality dog care has always been one of our main priorities. Heidi is a professional in dog massage and reflexology, where as Mari is a trained dog therapist. We find it very important to give the dogs the best possible care; only that way they can also give us the best possible performance.

When we have time, we also like to go to races with the huskies. Our focus is in Mid-Distance races, which means 40-50 km run two or three times during a weekend. Racing and training for races is a lot of fun and it also deepens the relationship between us and the dogs.

To own a pack of huskies is indeed a lot more than to own a dog – it is a complete lifestyle filled with outdoor adventures. The life sure never is boring with these furry friends!

To find more detailed information about our dogs (pedigrees etc.) go to: http://www.facebook.com/hiddentrailkennel From our Facebook page you can also find out about our daily life and its adventures!